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Get to the Phones -- Now!

Reported by Judy - August 5, 2004 -

Republican Rep. Mike Rogers just called (August 5) the 9/11 commission a "traveling circus." This demands an explanation and an apology.

Rogers, in a segment just concluded (9:23 a.m. EDT) on Fox News Live, was being interviewed by Jon Scott concerning whether the recent terror warnings were politically motivated. Scott asked Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-New Jersey, if Americans would not "be wondering why we weren't warned" if the recent terror warnings turned out to be accurate. Nadler said Americans also might be wondering why the nation hasn't put anti-missile systems on airlines, begun checking container shipments, and so on.

Rogers says the 9/11 commission was a "traveling circus" as it began lobbying to see that its recommendations were being carried out as it laid them out, without changes. "All that is political posturing and it is wrong," he said. Americans ought to have faith in the "bright people" in the intelligence community's ability to handle things, he said. (Rogers is a former FBI agent, which apparently inspires his faith in the bunch who ignored warnings from their own agents about terrorists taking flight training before 9.11.)

Nadler responded that the 9/11 commission is a bipartisan commission "and they're not a traveling circus." Scott ended the interview.

If you are as incensed as this News Hound, call Rogers' office in D.C. at 1-202-225-4872 or his Lansing, Michigan, office 1-517-702-8000.

Or e-mail Rogers from here