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Call-in Show Without Call-ins

Reported by Judy - August 4, 2004 -

Fox and Friends thought they had a big coup today (August 4) when Gen. Tommy Franks appeared on their show (8:46 a.m. EDT) and agreed to take questions from callers.

After promoting Franks' book American Soldier (published by one of News Corp.'s subsidiaries ReganBooks -- a fact not mentioned by Fox and Friends) and some brief comments about the war, Fox and Friends gave the number for phone calls before going to a break.

After the break, no one called so Doocy asked about the "Mission Accomplished" air craft landing, which seemed like such a good idea at the time, but now looks foolish. Doocy said that Kerry's people were critical of that and blamed Karl Rove for dreaming it up. Franks said he asked Bush to declare the end of combat operations, but didn't come up with the aircraft carrier idea. A good follow-up question, Stevie, would have been whether Franks still thinks it was such a good idea to declare an end to major combat operations. It went unasked.

Finally, they get one caller -- Marie, who wanted to know if Iraq was starting to look like Vietnam. (Franks said no.)

You'd think the most watched, most trusted channel on cable TV could have mustered more than one caller for such an illustrious guest.