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Ann Coulter Survives Rejection

Reported by Deborah - August 4, 2004 -

Ann Coulter in her last appearance on Hannity&Colmes was nursing her bruised ego after being fired by USA Today because the column she had written was too harsh. Can you imagine that? Coulter, a shining example of the resiliancy of the human spirit, was part of a segment devoted to the question," Is Teresa to blame for the bounce bust?"The balanced group included Hannity, Coulter, Pat Halpin and Bob Bechel. 8/4/04 9:20PM ET

Hannity opened with Teresa's now famous "shove it" and "4 more years of hell"
Coulter's response was that since Teresa is funding the campaign, she can say anything she wants.

In response to Pat Halpin's, positive poll numbers for Kerry, Coulter countered,
" Polls are stupid. We saw the Democratic convention and that's why we're so confident. Kerry didn't get his bounce. People saw him and that was enough."

Coulter was given a fraction of her usual time and, in my estimation, she was slightly de-fanged tonight. No outrageous name calling or accusations of rape and murder were expressed. However, she was still mean, egotistical and ineffective. Some things never change.