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To All Who Want to Go On Alan Colmes' Show

Reported by Ellen - August 2, 2004 -

I am thoroughly touched by all the offers to appear on Fox News Live with Alan Colmes (his radio show) in my place. I don't think it would be kosher to try to pass someone off as a News Hound who isn't. Besides, it's easy to tell from reading the blog who is.

Why don't you call Alan during his show instead? He takes a lot of calls during his three hour program and the last hour (midnight-one am ET) is usually open phones. I don't have the phone number handy but I can post it tomorrow. I would guess he'd be happy to have someone call in on this topic. But don't do it right away. He's away this week.

Besides that, you can contact him directly through Alan's website. I believe there's an email link there, too. If you have an idea about being a guest, why don't you pitch it directly to him? It's not like I have some special connection with him that gives me a leg up on booking guests.

I never dreamt when we started this blog that Alan Colmes would be reading what I had to say about him, much less inviting me to be a guest on his show. Nor did it ever occur to me that our community would be so interested in the outcome. It's an incredibly heady and gratifying feeling.

But, folks, can we get back to the topic of covering the news now?