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Send in the ...family?

Reported by Chrish - August 2, 2004 -

Eric Shawn reported from the streets of NYC on Studio B today, Aug. 2, about the increased security at sites in the city, particularly Citigroup Center. New Yorkers, he says, are taking it in stride, and there was a surprise visit (3:06EDT)

"of faith and endorsement in security and in defiance of the terrorists. The president's own family here just moments ago, First Lady Laura Bush and daughters Jen and Barbara both attending a news conference downstairs here at the Citicorp Building, held by NYCity officials, ..." they went shopping, had some biscotti, "joining NYers in everyday life, and that's just what the NY mayor wants them to do."

Comment: Ack! This is worse than "bring it on" ! Here, hit my wife and kids.

How are we supposed to take any elevated threat seriously if simultaneously we are being told it's so safe there the various security agencies will allow the First Family to go there? A lot of people stayed home today, they were scared (according to BOR, about 9-10 minutes into his show), but the prez felt it was safe enough for his own family..

Why are journalists hyping this alleged threat without asking even the glaringly obvious question, if it's so damn dangerous, what are Laura and the girls doing there???