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Media Sins of Omission

Reported by Nancy - August 1, 2004 -

I think most people realize how our media sin by omission -- editing reality by not reporting certain stories. Here are a couple of recent egregious examples:

Joshua Holland, at Common Dreams, reports on how "Our Media kills a Troubling Story that the Rest of the World Saw" :

The allegation that Iraqi Interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi shot seven restrained prisoners (killing six) in a fit of anger—with a number of witnesses present—is certainly newsworthy. But, remarkably, the U.S. media has chosen not to cover it, preferring to accept official denials. The foreign press is not so trusting. The disconcerting result is that we simply aren't getting the same picture of Iraq that citizens of every other English-speaking country see.

Similarly, Robert Fisk in the Independent documents the ongoing bloodbath that is Baghdad:

Almost a year ago, there were sometimes 400 violent deaths a month. This in itself was a fearful number to follow the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq. But in the first 10 days of this July alone, the corpses of 215 men and women were brought to the Baghdad mortuary, almost all of them dead from gunshot wounds. In the second 10 days of this month, the bodies of a further 291 arrived. A total of 506 violent deaths in under three weeks in Baghdad alone.

& how the media are not reporting how dangerous Iraq really is -- for the US & its allies, as well as for the Iraqi people.

Fisk's articles in the Independent are for subscribers only, but you can read them in full at this website