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Call To Fear

Reported by Deborah - August 1, 2004 -

The breaking story on Fox is Tom Ridge's announcement, that he has raised the terror alert level in New York, N. New Jersey, and D.C. because of specific threats to certain financial institutions. Waiting for the Governor of New Jersey to hold a press conference, New York's police chief appeared to talk about all the other places that could also be attacked. Jarrett said,"Could all this publicity cause the terrorists to change targets?" Then the possibility of Lincoln and Holland Tunnel was raised. 3PM 8/1/04

Switching to CNN at 3:15 PM, I discovered that the threat level color has been orange in New York since 9/11 so it had not been raised as Fox reported. Also
CNN was discussing the political implications of this sudden terror scare quoting Howard Dean's assertion that the timing of this is suspect.

Back at Fox, the fear was mounting. The President is ready and the terrorists will not succeed. But don"t forget, BE AFRAID!