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The lawyers aren't the only ones fired up

Reported by Chrish - July 31, 2004 -

Reporting on the Florida electronic voting records which were lost and then found, Shepard Smith told us (July 30, 3:10EDT) that "a spokesman said the data was on a CD, in Miami Dade County" (dramatic emphasis lost in transcription).

He went on the say "State officials have stressed that no actual votes were lost. It was the detailed records of the 2002 gubernatorial primary that had them worried...Probably misplaced in an office transition."

"Man, I bet the lawyers are fired up."

Comment: And well they should be. One would think a patriotic network like FOX and its patriotic viewers would be screamimg for more details on the state of elections in this country, demanding real reform and verifiable paper trails in the event of a recount. FOX has made way too little of this crisis. Maybe less Laci and more Diebold is in order, to save the democracy the real patriots love so much.

The calming comment of the officials emphasizing that no "actual" votes were lost, not to worry, was lost on this viewer. As long as there is no voter-verified paper trail, there are no votes, just whatever the computer is programmed to record/calculate/tally.