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The Deficit's Coming Down?

Reported by Melanie - July 31, 2004 -

New York Republican politician Rick Lazio and "Democratic strategist" Bob Beckel were guests on Your World w/Neil Cavuto on Friday, July 30, 2004. The topic of discussion was the economy and how it will affect the election.

Beckel spoke first, making predictable Democratic points about jobs and income levels. Then it was Lazio's turn and he made predictable Republican points. Continuing, Lazio talking about home ownership being higher than ever, saying something about "durables," and then Lazio said the deficit's coming down with highter revenues

Literally hours earlier, the Bush administration announced the highest deficit in the history of this country. (See, AP report published in the New York Times.)

COMMENT: Evidently the state of news reporting and journalism has deteriorated so completely, that an extraordinarily inaccurate statement like this can air, unchallenged and uncorrected. In this instance, on this very important topic, Fox viewers heard exactly the opposite of the truth.