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Heard It Enough Yet?

Reported by Eleanor - July 31, 2004 -

The Wall Street discussion on Fox & Friends (July 31, 7:53 a.m.) was the same old, same old exchange we have heard many times. (Repetition is the tool of choice for ideas that won't stand up to serious challenge or scrutiny.)

The conversation went like this - for the 100th time: Wall Street is hurting. As Kerry's numbers rise, the market has gone down. As Bush numbers go up, the market SHOULD go up as well. (Uhh, the word "should" is a slight difference.) Everyone is slowing down in spending. Bush has to make everyone dig into their pockets and spend. The price of gasoline is high. For the last few years, people have benefited from tax breaks. John Kerry will knock markets "back to the stone age." (a new phrase). Historically, democrats are anti-business. Republicans are pro-business. Democrats are for more taxes. Republicans for fewer taxes. Kerry has an "ambulance chaser on his ticket." He will raise taxes on incomes above $200,000. He will tell you how to spend your money. How to explain the deficit? We were already in recession before 9/11, and the Iraq war. Bush will grow us out of deficit. Kerry will tax us out of deficit.

Comment: Some version of this conversation is heard daily on Fox. I wonder how many times they will repeat it before the election. At least 93 times in 93 days?