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No Suicide Bombers on Fox

Reported by Judy - July 30, 2004 -

Steve Doocy could be in deep doo-doo with his bosses at Fox News today (July 30) for a misstatement. No, he didn't say something bad about George Bush. Doocy (8:32 a.m EDT) used the term "suicide bombers" in discussing the attacks on U.S. and Israeli embassies in Uzbekistan.

Fox News executives forbid the use of the term "suicide bomber." They have ordered, probably in one of those memos we all saw in Outfoxed, Fox News people to use the term "homicide bomber" instead. A scene in Outfoxed features a former Fox News analyst who thought the term was stupid and wouldn't use it, with the result that he was never invited back on the network even though he was under contract for another eight weeks. The analyst said the term was ridiculous because any bomb that results in a death is a "homicide bomb."

Maybe Doocy didn't get that memo.

Jon Scott did. He got it right when he mentioned the "homicide bombings" (9:36 a.m. EDT) on Fox News Live.

I wonder if the memo explained what was wrong with the term "suicide bombing."