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My Answer to Alan Colmes

Reported by Ellen - July 30, 2004 -

The purpose of the newshounds.us site is not to provide a scientific review of Fox News but to provide snapshots that, over time, paint a picture of Fox. Through our work on the movie, Outfoxed, I and my co-bloggers spent three months researching and producing painstaking, detailed and documented notes about Fox's bias. Although we feel confident we have proved bias and unfairness on Fox, we also thought the blog would be more fun and interesting if we provided an edgier, more personal perspective on our Fox experience. This is not your mother's research paper, but a weblog, or blog, which, by definition means journal.

I have previously stated on the blog and I will state again that I am persuaded that you are a genuine liberal. Although you may act in ways that disappoint other liberals (such as putting up with Sean Hannity and not calling him an un-American bully to his face), including myself, you have that right and that does not diminish your liberalness in my mind. However, the all-too-familiar Fox techniques and tactics show up in slightly different guises on your show as they do everywhere else on the Fox network. That is what I focus on. Also, your radio show is aired on XM Satellite Radio's "America Left" channel and, I am told, a comparable Sirius channel, which means that it's supposed to be liberal.

So how many liberals out there would prefer to hear a lengthy discussion about Ann Coulter's experiences at the Democratic Convention rather than Bill Clinton's speech? To be clear, they were on at different times but Clinton was cut and Coulter got way more time. You may be right that your show carried more minutes of Bill and Hill's speeches than other radio shows (I was already running back and forth between my radio and the TV. There's only so much I can listen to at once.) but in my view the more relevant comparison is between Clinton and Coulter.

On July 28, I did not accuse you of using Dean to knock Kerry. I said, "Colmes fed (Major) Garrett the following line that allowed him to knock Kerry." I thought "him" always referred to the last man mentioned i.e. Garrett. That's what I meant.

With regard to Teresa Heinz Kerry, my overall point, perhaps not made clearly enough, was that Fox, as a whole, seems to be making a point of bashing her at every opportunity and that the same pattern arose on your show, too. My recollection is that you did, at some point or points during that show, make some supportive statements about her but I was very surprised to hear the comments I reported and I did not feel your other comments mitigated them. I also found Carl Cameron's remarks extremely barbed and not the sort one would expect from a fair and balanced reporter. So your comments (the ones I reported) plus your lack of apparent disagreement with Cameron's comments seemed like the kind of Fox moment I look out for.

Because this is MY blog, I generally write about what strikes me as interesting without attempting to document every single event. I recall your Ralph Nader interview and did consider writing about it but from the point of view that Fox seemed to be following the GOP agenda of supporting him. In any event, Nader is not exactly a favorite of liberals or Democrats these days as you must well know. But for whatever reasons now forgotten, I chose something else to write about that night.

Similarly, I recall the Larry Flynt interview which I found quite interesting but I just didn't think of anything to write about it. Although Flynt was definitely not a Bush fan, I wouldn't describe him as a real Democratic spokesperson, either. But if I ever hear Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pellosi, Al Franken, Al Gore or Al Sharpton, alone, on your show, now that would make me run to the keyboard!

I missed the Lanny Davis and Robert Byrd interviews so could not say anything about them. I don't believe I have ever claimed that you don't put on enough liberals or that liberals are not on often enough. My gripes have been a) that when liberals did appear, they were almost always paired with a conservative while conservatives often appeared alone; and b) some of the conservative guests (the discussion about whether or not Kerry should have been charged with heresy comes to mind) couldn't possibly be of interest to listeners of America Left. However, my July 24 post noted a refreshing change in that pattern. With the convention this week, it's too soon to know if that was a blip or the real deal.

As I wrote your producer, I declined to appear on your show because I am a writer, not a radio personality. I revise endlessly and am not especially good at thinking on my feet. As I also wrote your producer, you and anyone else from Fox are welcome to post on the blog. I do strive for fairness and accuracy and, even if I disagree, I will happily give you your own post if you send me an email asking me to post something. I am delighted to know you have read the blog and hope you will continue to do so.