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Kerry Leaves the Conservatives Toothless

Reported by Eleanor - July 30, 2004 -

CNN covered the post-Kerry speech as expected by interviewing Ed Gillespie, RNC Chairman, at about 11:03, and he responded as expected. Surprisingly, after about five minutes of giving the republican talking points, Gillespie ended with, "It's their night. I won't take away from it (he already did). They'll get a bounce." (Prep for the republican convention in August?)

Joe Klein said at 11:40 that Kerry "nailed this." "The words came alive in his mouth. It was quite a performance with little room for the opponent to run with. The call for unity and civility in the campaign means the republicans will have to run a more positive campaign." Aaron Brown said that someone needs to prove to him that a negative campaign doesn't work, and Klein replied that Kerry brought it up front and center, so the Bush team will find it harder going forward to do that.

Another surprise occurred when Aaron Brown got "a conservative view" when he interviewed Robert George of the NY Post at 11:46. Brown asked, "What got your blood boiling?" George replied,"Unless Bush and team draft a stronger message, we may have heard the acceptance speech of the next president of the United States." We have seen some "very disciplined operators in the last days or weeks, and Bush must work really hard." George said later in the interview that Bush must explain the War on Terror and Iraq. (Wow. What is this all about?)

Aaron Brown ended this interview with a comment that "George's boss will wonder what kind of Koolaid he's been drinking."

Comment: The entire group gave faint praise, including Aaron Brown when he said, sort of stammering, "It was a pretty good speech for a formal speaker." I have listened to conservatives talk for months. I have never heard anything like this. I wonder what it means.