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Kerry Convention Fallout on Fox

Reported by Eleanor - July 30, 2004 -

The first hour of Fox & Friends (July 30, 7:00-8:00 a.m.) was milder in its treatment of the democrats than I have seen in awhile, but many of the RNC talking points got through, as well as a few "cute" barbs.

E.D. Hill recited some of the specifics of Kerry's plan, and then quipped, "He didn't tell us how he would pay for them." Doocy or Kilmeade then said, "He will open his wife's purse." In the "didn't mention" category, they said he didn't mention his first wife (?), his senate career, his Viet Nam activism. The trio discussed the NASA suits, saying the pictures had been taken off the NASA site then put back on; then on cue, E.D. asked, "Why a big deal about Kerry's goofy looking suit? Why was it released then put back up?" (No matter, they're still talking about it and showed Kerry in the suit again to further imprint it into our minds.)

Rich Lowry said the speech was "forcefully delivered." E.D. asked if the speech should "cause the republicans to worry." Rich said the "bounce" would be 5 or 6 points, and Kerry helped himself. Also, "He looks like a president of the United States, not someone who would perform CPR on a hamster."

Mary Matalin started her critique with "it was well delivered," and she liked the daughters, but.... followed by: it lacked focus on the 21st Century -it was "not forward looking," and gave a list of republican talking points. Steve Doocy added that phrases like "help is on the way; trust and credibility in the White House, and the best days are still to come" should be attributed to republicans. Kelly Wright summed up later with phrases like "short on substance" and "how to fund," followed by a short segment showing Kerry and Edwards up early, if they slept at all, apparently about ready to take their leave from Boston to start a campaign trip, but they took turns at the Mic, and Fox was there.

Our friends pointed out the only glitch of the night when the Mics were open during the balloon drop, and the guy in charge, frustrated at the lack of balloons, used the "firetruck word" on the air. A Bill Richardson interview ended the hour on a high note.

Comment: Overall, the Fox friends did their duty and put out the republican response of the day: Kerry offered no funding for proposed programs, no review of his Senate record, and he was light on substance and Iraq. If history is an indicator, some version of this will be repeated all day, with grudging acceptance that the speech was a home run.