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Jeaneane Garofolo & Hannity

Reported by Deborah - July 30, 2004 -

The sight of Jeaneane Garofolo sitting across from Hannity, talking almost casually, was a real surprise.7/30/04 9:31 PM ET. Hannity had to promise to be fair,before Garofolo would agree to the interview, and he was as fair as is possible for Sean Hannity. Hannity acknowledged the difference between his two personalities, on and off screen, and seemed very anxious to show what a nice guy he could be. This interview was extremely revealing.

Jeaneane Garofolo was strong, friendly, articulate and well informed. She could have used this opportunity to humiliate Hannity, but instead she chose to engage him in a debate of real facts and issues. Unable to intimidate with raging inflection and staccatto questions, his usual litany of Kerry faults fell flat. Garofolo was able to refute the inaccuracy of the liberal label for Kerry, adding that she wishes he were more liberal.

Hannity still tried to pin an anti american label on Garofolo asking her if she thought this was a great country. She answered,"Yes, When it does great things."
Hannity wouldn't allow himself to discuss any unfortunate moments in our country's history. Garofolo kindly chided him pointing to his flag pin"You don't have to give back your pin, if you criticize.." By interviews end , Hannity was
starting to posture a bit,as if he couldn't believe he was allowing Garofolo to make so many valid points. To his credit, he was civil and gracious to the end.

comment: This concept of Hannity having two personas, brings up some interesting possibilities. Does he behave like a maniacal villian because it's a part played for his paycheck? Is he a really nice guy, who rationalizes his behavior as part of a show biz routine? If this is true, how can he justify the humiliation of hundreds of guests to his show?I have witnessed some brutal treatment of people totally unfamiliar with this game he plays. Recently, his guests are less willing to fold under Hannity's bullying and this trend would eventually, force Hannity to debate issues with facts, instead of bluster.