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Hannity Heard on Washington Journal

Reported by Deborah - July 30, 2004 -

At 6:45AM this morning, I switched on C-SPAN before work, and caught the first call on Washington Journal, responding to Kerry's speech. The call came in on the "support the President" line and the caller's words took me by surprise. It could have been Sean Hannity talking and not only were his words identical ,but the way he recited the litany, was pure Hannity.

This guy has no core; Kerry #1liberal, Edwards #4;Kennedy and Hillary would be better; flip flopping, voting for 87 billion then voting against; a proven war criminal from Vietnam;bowing to the UN.

Then he added something, that to Hannity's credit, did not come from his mouth.
"He pretends to be Irish but he's half English and half Jewish. People should know about him being Jewish."

I found this example of Hannity's influence quite upsetting for many reasons.
What do you think?