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Democrat Bashing Lite

Reported by Melanie - July 30, 2004 -

The second segment on Dayside w/Linda Vester today (July 30, 2004), consisted of more Democrat bashing, couched in a lighthearted vein.

Vester's guest was Foxnews.com columnist, Roger Friedman. Vester introduced the segment by saying: "Lets get to the silly stuff" that happened in Boston.

Friedman proceeded to insinuate that Vanessa Kerry and Ben Affleck are an item (that liberal Hollywood thing again). From there he went to Larry David and his wife Laurie David.

Friedman told us about an article which appears in the most recent issue of the Atlantic Monthly, in part about the Davids. He told us that Laurie David drives a Prius but has a Gulfstream jet and is sometimes called "a Gulfstream liberal."

Friedman said he went to a luncheon hosted by Tina Brown while he was in Boston and there was Larry David, having a "big fight" with Eric Alterman (the author of the Atlantic Monthly article).

Vester then directed the conversation to the balloon problem last night at the convention. Here's an article about it from the San Francisco Chronicle if you don't know the story already.

Friedman said those balloons "just did not come down" and that "epithets" were being said by the man in charge, and he could understand why.

Vester then said she was glad Freidman "survived the paaty." Friedman said it was fun, "it was a big success, I think."

COMMENT: Does this sound like "the silly stuff" that went on in Boston, or more like Democrat bashing lite?