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Watch Out for That Lighthearted Segment

Reported by Melanie - July 29, 2004 -

Today (July 29, 2004) on Dayside w/Linda Vester, at 1:51 p.m. ET, Brian Wilson reported from Boston. The segment was billed as a story about the Boston accent and quirky dialect.

Vester introduced Wilson saying: "the real excitement's far from the FleetCenter." (COMMENT: Subtle dissing of the Democratic Convention? I think so.) Let's go out onto the street to learn the local lingo. Then to Wilson.

Wilson started out asking a local what it is about how people talk in Boston, it's "a little different than the rest of the world." (COMMENT: Interpretation: These Boston/Massachusetts folks are really, really, REALLY different (and that includes John Kerry) from you and me.) The local interviewee pointed out that Wilson sounded a little funny too, and Wilson confessed he's from Texas. (COMMENT: Do you think sending a reporter who's originally from Texas out on this story was a fluke? I don't. Nothing like drawing a line between Texas and Massachusetts right about now.)

Meanwhile, a banner started running at the bottom of the screen: Texas and Boston: Separated by a Common Language

Wilson's segment continues with interviews of people in Boston saying words like Haaavaad, and then a bit about some local phrases. Then, to Wilson live.

Vester asked if there was anything else he picked up while doing the story and Wilson said "there's a donut store on every corner in Boston," it's amazing.

Then Vester: You learned about "the T" (Boston's rail system), and about Mr. T, what about "Momma T?"

Wilson explains that Teresa Heinz Kerry went to an event with a lesbian group the other day and told them she's called "Momma T." According to Wilson, "this, along with the 'shove it' stuff" is making those of us "jump for joy", because we have something to talk about "that's very interesting."

Then, for about 60 seconds they showed video and made fun of the crazy hats some convention goers are wearing in Boston. (COMMENT: Let's all watch for a segment like this during RNC.)

COMMENT: I have no doubt that the reason for this segment was (l) to make Democrats generally, and especially those from Massachusetts look goofy - not like the tough Texans (as highlighted in the banner mentioned above), and (2) to get word out that Teresa Heinz Kerry spoke before a lesbian group and to remind us about the "shove it" comment. All this, couched in an allegedly lighthearted segment. Lighthearted? Never. Fox has the daggers out all the time. They're on message (pro-Republican, anti-Democratic) 24/7.