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Proven Leadership Ability

Reported by Eleanor - July 29, 2004 -

Fox & Friends (July 29, 7:08 a.m.) called Kerry's nostalgic boat trip down the river yesterday with his Viet Nam band of brothers "staged (said twice), weird, theatrical," adding that people are not interested in Viet Nam, but in what's happening now.

Comment: If the media tries to make Kerry's Viet Nam service into nothing more than a photo op, they're absolutely wrong about that. Kerry's leadership and bravery in Viet Nam is a legitimate story of personal courage that needs more emphasis by the democrats, not less. What better preparation for leadership does a person need than this. Kerry's war time deeds are legendary, AND he volunteered. He could have escaped the bullets, as Bush did; but instead, he suffered multiple injuries as he voluntarily put himself in harm's way; and if that alone were the story, it would be worth telling. He's being judged on his character and his leadership ability as he goes for the highest office in the land, and he has proved that he possesses both.