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Protesters Being Hidden

Reported by Eleanor - July 29, 2004 -

An intriguing story was covered by Fox (July 29, 7:39 a.m.) about the convention protesters. E.D. Hill had her Mic outside the convention hall discussing the lack of protesters. The camera panned to a fence with an "occupation zone" sign and "razor wire above their heads." E.D. commented that neither the media nor the delegates can see or hear the protesters. They're "stuck in a pen,and with no exchange of ideas, some went home."

E.D. observed that this "free speech zone" setup is suppressing free speech. The loud generators running constantly ensure that you can't hear what's being said. There are "more media than protesters." E.D. said, "It's ironic that at a political convention, we're not hearing dissenting opinions." (Oh yes, we are. They're inside the hall calling themselves the media. It's at the republican convention that we won't hear dissenting opinions.)

Comment: There was no other speculation about the lack of protesters. I predict that at the republican convention, even with the razor wire, the noise, the fence, and the distance from the action, the protesters will be out in force carrying their signs. I also predict that the media won't show them, no matter how large the crowd. Democratic activists are full of intense passion that they will no doubt express in New York in August as best they can.