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Hannity&Colmes Under Coverage

Reported by Deborah - July 29, 2004 -

7/28/04 9PM ET
Although Hannity&Colmes is broadcasting from Boston, their convention coverage is minimal or distorted. Last night, not one speech was shown to Fox viewers. Of course, if Fox were to answer this allegation, they would easily distort the reality of the situation.

While Ed Rendell, Governor of Pennsylvania, was giving his speech about alternative energy sources that could decrease dependence on Mideast oil, Hannity was talking to Zell Miller and Joe Lieberman. This consumed 19 minutes and as reported in "Hannity's Favorite Democrats", the interviews supported the republican message. Of course, Fox would claim that this time was given to Democrats.

Then, Alan Colmes had a 3 minute interview with Senator Robert Byrd who made the most of this small time slot with his articulate and descriptive attack on the Bush Administration. Since Robert Byrd is one of Hannity's favorite Democrats to marginalize and ridicule, his wise words will no doubt be used against him.

Next, Hannity held court with his panel of stategists.This gives him a chance to do his routine which is the same old stuff with the addition of "reinvention convention" blah blah. Last night he was forced to acknowledge Al Sharpton's speech without showing it. Colmes rarely shows any strength during this panel
discussion as if Hannity's supremacy were pre arranged. This consumed 4 minutes.

The final segment with Jack Kemp, Dole VP candidate, was a 15 minute opportunity to push the Republican agenda. While Hannity and Kemp, were praising the Republican record, a video with several high level military officers
explaining why they have switched parties and support Kerry, was shown on the floor.

Also, throughout the hour, the ticker keeps moving on the bottom of the screen with messages that support the Republican viewpoint.

On Wednesday evening 7/27, there was some coverage of the convention during this hour but there was a very distinct shift last night. Fox will not allow their viewers to see the reality of this convention because it would blow their entire portrayl of the Democrats. Fox and the Republicans know that the Democratic message resonates to the majority of people in this country and they are determined to silence us.