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Future First Lady Threat

Reported by Eleanor - July 29, 2004 -

John Kerry's wife got it again this morning (July 29, 7:50 a.m.) from Fox. They just can't help themselves.

Barnes and Kondrache prefaced their negative Teresa remarks with some remarks about Edwards and Obama as being "winners." (Is that their idea of being fair? To preface scathing unfair criticism of one person by calling someone else a winner?) Some choice "loser" quotes about Teresa: bomb; from Mars, Venus or some other planet; talked about self and not husband; off key; self-indulgent; learned things about her we didn't know, instead of learning about her husband.

Comment: It seems that this on-going personal attack on our next First Lady will not let up. She appears to be replacing Hillary as the right-wing media punching bag. Teresa has said or done absolutely nothing to warrant this kind of unfair treatment. It must be the threat she poses to the established order of things when she becomes the power beside (not behind) the most powerful man in the world in January.