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Another CNN Downer

Reported by Eleanor - July 29, 2004 -

At the end of the 11th hour (July 28, 11:48 p.m.), CNN chose to cover the convention news up to this point by emphasizing and explaining their observation that people's impressions of the convention are based upon what the media coverage says, and what they read in the paper.

Howard Kurtz said that the most underplayed story so far is that Teresa Heinz Kerry "did not fulfill her mission to tell her husband's story," and the most overplayed was her "shove it" comment. Jonah Goldberg called the convention "fake," and said the most significant story is that the ratings are so low. "No one's watching." (CNN did not mention the fact that only C-SPAN and PBS are really covering the convention. MSNBC and CNN are covering a few key speeches and filling the rest of the time with punditry; Fox is filling most of the time with talking heads, while covering very few speeches, and NBC, ABC and CBS are hardly covering it at all.)

This segment ended with a check of tomorrow's papers to make the point emphatic. The Herald Tribune's lead story is a bad day in Iraq. The Christian Science Monitor discusses a difficult month since the handover in Iraq. The Atlanta Journal Constitution and Des Moines Register have Edwards and "The Politics of Hope" as their lead. CNN repeated: The news shapes perception and showed the The Boston Herald headline: "It's a bust. Wonder where the windfall went." The Herald is also "tough on the Kerry girls, saying they're competing for the attention of Ben Affleck." It's now midnight and Larry King is next with a series of interviews.

Comment: The media has gone out of its way this week: 1)To present minimal convention coverage 2) To give the republicans equal time 3) To insist that mentioning the republicans in any way, shape or form is "bashing" them 4) To ensure as few viewers as possible with dull, mostly irrelevant rhetoric, instead of broadcasting the speeches, and then giving them an honest critique.

Michael Moore on CSPAN today was right. If we don't somehow get out the 50% who don't vote, even with the totally miserable record of the republicans over the last four years, it's possible that they will take power again because of the non-votes of the people who are hurt the most by republican policies; and who don't recognize that their vote is the only power they have over the corporate government that is currently running our country. Right now at 12:27, the people who don't vote is being discussed on CNN with Larry King. It's too bad that didn't happen during prime time.