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An Interim Response to Alan Colmes

Reported by Ellen - July 29, 2004 -

Dear Readers,

Unfortunately, Alan Colmes' email to me came at a time when I have been inundated with other obligations besides the blog. However, I want to make it clear to you and Alan that I take his comments very seriously and intend to respond ASAP once I have had the opportunity to properly consider them and compose my remarks. He raises important issues that deserve a thoughtful and thorough answer. While I have a definite point of view, I do endeavor to be fair and that is how I plan to proceed.

Meanwhile, are there any others out there who listen to this radio show? If so, I invite you to also address the substance of Alan's email. These are interesting, important subjects. Let's make this a forum for debate on the issues, not a referendum on how you feel about Alan or his liberalism.