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Alan Colmes Responds

Reported by Ellen - July 29, 2004 -

I got these comments from Alan Colmes via email 7/28/04. I believe he wrote it 7/27/04 and that is the "tonight" he refers to. With his permission, I am posting the email in its entirety.


I wish you would stop misrepresenting my radio show on your site. You
selectively feature certain parts of my show and spin them, and ignore other
parts of the show that would give a fuller picture of what I do each night.
A few weeks ago, for example, you went on about how my guests mostly lean
right, gave some examples of who I had on, and totally ignored that the
nights you reported also featured Ralph Nader and Larry Flynt. You accuse
me this week of trashing Teresa Heinz Kerry, when that was not at all my
position. Your headline last night, "Colmes Covers Coulter, not Clinton" is
an outright lie. I carried more minutes of Bill and Hillary's speeches,
live, than any other show on radio.

Tonight was another false spin, as you accuse me of using Dean to knock
Kerry. I've been an outspoken supporter of Kerry, and talked about how Dean
has helped Kerry. You also conveniently left out my interviews with Robert
Byrd and Lanny Davis, but for you to include these, you'd actually have to
admit that my show leans left. And I regularly battle conservative callers
during the open phone portion of my show. I've never seen you refer to that
part of what I do. Why not?

You call yourself liberal, but you are guilty of the same offense of which
you accuse conservatives: telling selective truths and taking people (me)
out of context. You are blatantly misrepresenting me to further your own
agenda of denouncing whatever Fox does. You can't acknowledge the frequency
with which I put on liberal guests and put forth views you actually agree
with, because it doesn't fit with your agenda, which is to bash everything
Fox does, including me. The premise of your site, that Fox is too blinded by
its own agenda to be fair, is hypocritical as long as you are guilty of the
same thing. The least you could do is accurately represent the one host
with whom you actually agree on the issues.

I've invited you on my radio show to discuss this with me publicly, but I
guess it's much safer just to post and not to have to defend yourself,
except on your own site and to the same twelve people who post each day. My
invitation still exists. If you think that liberals have more integrity
because we are America's truth squad, I challenge you to live up to that

Alan Colmes