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The Bark of an Angry News Hound

Reported by Marie Therese - July 28, 2004 -

July 28, 2004. 10:30 AM EDT approximately.

Right off the bat, I'll tell you. This is the rant of one angry woman.

This morning I happened to catch CNN's Miles O'Brien interviewing two "radio talk show hosts" he called Ike and Mike (didn't catch their full names) who are at the Democratic Convention. Three guesses which RNC talking points they were spouting? (We could make a contest out of this, couldn't we? Find the hidden Talking Point and win a trip to Crawford, Texas!)

They said that the Convention is a 'coronation'. It's 'boring' They want some fireworks and conflict. It's dead. And, oh by way, they just happened to have a cartoon to show the audience, one that had been drawn by one of the guests.

Why was I not surprised when it came up on the screen as a mockery of Teresa Heinz Kerry's spirited retort to Mr. McNickle? The three guys had a good belly laugh over it.

I immediately called CNN's Public Information Office (404-827-2600). I did not leave a "message". I waited to speak with a live person. And here's what I said:

a) It's time to stop the attacks on Mrs. Kerry. It's time to draw a line in the sand. The four candidates' wives are off limits. Let the guys tear each other to shreds. I don't care. But leave the women alone!

b) Why is it that it's so often a bunch of men laughing loudly at jokes about a woman who has done nothing but GIVE LOTS OF MONEY TO PEOPLE?

c) It's hypocritical of the Bush administration through its surrogates to attack Mrs. Kerry. After all, Republicans are great believers in letting the private sector take over "giving" to the poor. Yet they attack a woman who practices what they preach. It seems the Bush administration has limited the definition of "private sector" to faith-based organizations. Secular and non-denominational charities apparently don't count anymore, even if they were started by a respected Republican Senator from Pennsylvania!

d) I expect CNN to schedule AL FRANKEN and other progressive satirists during the Republican Convention. I told them I'd be monitoring them and would be very upset if our side didn't get a chance to take the same kind of "humorous" potshots at Mr. Bush. Backsies is fair play, as we used to say when I was a kid.

I urge anyone reading this to copy down CNN's number (I have it on speed dial) and call the minute you see or hear anything you find upsetting.

Also, make sure you tell them you want EQUAL TIME FOR DEMOCRATIC HUMORISTS at the Republican Convention.

Although I don't think there's going to be much to make fun of.

It's hard to make jokes about government-sanctioned deficits, deceit, war, abuse, torture, rape and murder.