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Latest Fox Line: It Was Boring

Reported by Judy - July 28, 2004 -

What do you do after you've promised to be the "channel of political record" in broadcasting the Democratic National Convention and then realize the Democrats look more mainstream then you ever thought they could? Well, if you're Fox News, you go with the Big Lie technique.

You know that one -- just say something often enough and loud enough and people will believe it. That was Jon Scott's technique today (July 28) on Fox News Live.

Scott opened his segment (9 a.m. EDT) with the provocative question, "Is excitement at the convention on the decline?" Of course, there was no report to back this up -- no string of photos of nodding delegates or empty seats. Just Scott saying (9:08 a.m. EDT) that people on the convention floor said "the mood was much less attentive" last night. Gov. Rich Warner, D-Va., countered that the people looked "pretty charged up" during Barack Obama's incredible speech.

Fox isn't giving up on this line. Bridget Quinn, taking over for Jon Scott, started on Teresa Heinz Kerry, asking (9:59 a.m. EDT), "Did her speech inspire the audience or leave them looking at their watches?"

After GOP-Fox bragged about covering the convention and it is backfiring on them, the network execs are in the strange position of trying to get people to stop watching their coverage by telling them how boring it is.