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Hannity's Favorite Democrats

Reported by Deborah - July 28, 2004 -

7/28/04 9PM ET

Hannity's favorite Democrats, Zell Miller and Joe Lieberman, were on tonight for the first 19 minutes of Hannity&Colmes.Although Zell Miller is now a Democrat in name only and a supporter of Bush, he had more integrity than Joe Lieberman, who undermined his own party with his sneaky attacks and alliance with Hannity.

As Zell Miller ranted about the deterioration of the Democratic Party and it's "far far left" leaders, Hannity could be seen with a smile of deep satisfaction, just observing his ally. Miller was a loyal Republican making all the points but with the righteousness of someone born again into the light.

Colmes got in a very good question."What are they doing right?" His answer
was, "Very little." His closing statement about Ron Reagan, made it clear that he has traveled quite a bit to the right while the Democrats have moved to the left.
" I hope when he got home last night, he looked in the mirror and saw an embryo that could become a human being." No wonder Hannity respects him!

Joe Lieberman's approach was more subtle. As Hannity baited him with questions, Lieberman would give some approval of Kerry but with that nagging tone of doubt and no real praise. He joined Hannity in the "reinvention convention" shtick saying that he feels more comfortable in this "positive atmosphere and literally glowed when Hannity praised his support of Bush.
"I do watch you now." he told Hannity.

comment: Joe Lieberman should put his hurt feelings aside and rally for his party this week. Anyone could see from his attitude, that he is harboring resentment ,yet he was not honest enough to come out with his real opinions.
Well Senator, we all got your message and this Democrat thinks you're acting like a bratty child. In contrast, Howard Dean was rudely asked on Capitol Report how he felt about not getting the nomination. Dean in his wonderfully dismissive way said "You can't go home and sulk. It wasn't hard to put it behind me."