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Bring'em on the Show, Linda

Reported by Melanie - July 28, 2004 -

The battering of Theresa Heinz Kerry continued today (July 28, 2004) on Dayside w/Linda Vester.

In a discussion with Rich Lowry of the National Review and Ellis Henican of Newsday, Linda Vester turned to the subject of Heinz Kerry. Vester played a clip of Heinz Kerry speaking last night about being called "opinionated" and about how the right to speak her mind is "a right I deeply and profoundly cherish."

Vester gave Henican the nod. Henican said he thought Heinz Kerry was "terrific" and "delightful."

Vester then said she'd "heard some Democrats say" Heinz Kerry "went too far" and "was a little out there."

COMMENT: I sure wish Vester would bring those "some Democrats" on the show so we'd know for sure they actually exist.