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What Are You Doing, Ralph?

Reported by Marie Therese - July 27, 2004 -

For more years than I can remember Ralph Nader has been one of my heroes. Here is a man that single-handedly took on the Ford Motor Company and won!
His lifelong work on behalf of consumers is the stuff of legend. Millions of Americans won't make a purchase until they've checked Consumers Reports.

With his place is history assured, why would Mr. Nader pursue what looks more and more like a personal vendetta against the Democrats and less and less like a principled stand against corporate corruption? I wish I had the answer.

In his appearance on the July 26, 2004 O'Reilly Factor, Mr. Nader put forth his familiar anti-corporate message. He also said many things about foreign policy that are in complete agreement with the Democrats. In fact, he sounded like a Democrat.

However, throughout it all, Nader did a decent impersonation of a Republican spokesman. He claimed that the Democrats "sabotaged" his convention in Portland, OR. ( For more information go to The Oregonian).

The Democrats are whiners, they won't give him credentials to the Convention, they've lost their connection with the "blue collar guy, for the working families of this country" they continue to work against him in states where he's trying to get on the ballot, the Convention is a "coronation", they've sold out to the corporate "bigwigs" and the taxpayers are paying for the Convention (both Nader and O'Reilly neglect to mention that the same is true for the Republican Convention!).

O'Reilly encourages him by asking hypotheticals that use the magic words "President Nader".

At one point Nader sneaks in a second promotion for his book, "The Good Fight". I found this the saddest part of the interview. As he holds up a copy of his book, he scolds O'Reilly because "you didn't talk about the book again."

A part of me keeps hoping that Ralph Nader is playing a sophisticated game of political bait and switch and that at the last minute, just before the election, he'll tell his supporters to vote for Kerry. Hope springs eternal!