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They Can't Stop Knocking Teresa

Reported by Ellen - July 27, 2004 -

They hardly played any of her speech but Alan Colmes and outed Bush Pal Carl Cameron, Fox Chief Political Correspondent, were so busy knocking Teresa Heinz Kerry that this News Hound can only surmise she is the target of the latest Fox memos from John Moody (See the movie Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism for more info on the memos)

Some examples:

At the beginning of her speech, when she introduced herself, Colmes said, "At least she got the pronunciation (of her own name) right. That's the first time."

After she had been speaking for just a few minutes, Colmes said, in a somewhat impatient tone, "This could take a long time." Then he cut away to take telephone calls about the speech nobody heard.

Later, Bush pal Cameron, joining Colmes, made these "impartial" comments: "The speech was typical. It was all about her. She didn't even mention her husband for 17 minutes."

"She's very idiosyncratic. She is not above using colorful language. We know her husband uses a variety of swear words."

Colmes: "Ha, ha, ha."

Of course, there was no mention of Cheney's "colorful" language.