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On message!

Reported by Chrish - July 27, 2004 -

Shepard Smith mouthed the RNC's talking point three times today, July 26, on Studio B live from Boston. Twice in one minute (3:03 EDT) and a bit later (3:12 EDT) he used the phrase brought to e-mailboxes nationwide this morning, "this week the Democrats are going to attempt an Extreme Makeover of Sen. Kerry's record."

Shep said "Coming up.... we'll look at...Republican claims that the Democrats are working on an Extreme Makeover. Extreme Makeover seems to be the phrase for the day for the incumbents." After the break and some news tidbits Carl Cameron tells us Ds need to stop the Bush-bashing (you first, Rs) and then Shep says, "The phrase for the day, at least for Republicans, seems to be Extreme Makeover, and I know where they're coming from with that..."

Comment: Well. It looks like Shep got his talking points memo this morning and like anyone who wants to keep his job, he followed orders. This is an extremely blatant example of the tactics exposed in Outfoxed . See the talking points for yourself here .