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Colmes Follows Fox Agenda at Convention

Reported by Ellen - July 27, 2004 -

"Is there a brewing controversy about Mrs. Kerry?" That was the leading queston asked by Alan Colmes, during his radio show, of "Campaign" Carl Cameron thus enabling him to launch into a long report on the ways in which Teresa Heinz Kerry "may" be a liability to her husband on the campaign trail.

Colmes followed that with clips of Teresa Heinz Kerry saying something she later denied, followed by the "shove it" comment (each played twice that hour) and a quote where she used the "b" word about Ted Kennedy. Over and over, he repeated that Mrs. Kerry had, in fact, said what she later denied to the "shove it" reporter, followed by the question, "Is this something that's going to hurt John Kerry?"

Day 1 of Colmes Convention Coverage: One hour of highly edited Democratic Convention, one hour devoted to Ann Coulter's USA Today column, one hour devoted to the Teresa "controversy." One has to wonder: Why send Colmes to the convention if he's going to spend more time not covering it than covering it?

Is Fox going to have the same kind of "coverage" at the Republican Convention? We'll be watching and comparing.