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CNN Prime Time Convention Coverage

Reported by Eleanor - July 27, 2004 -

After 8:00, CNN did a good job of covering the convention. They showed all five major speeches entirely - Gore, Carter, the 9/11 Tribute, and the Clintons. The analysis by the pundits was also much more balanced than the earlier Anderson Cooper coverage.

All the speakers had memorable lines. No one mentioned Bush by name, but they had plenty to say about his policies. Gore's line about making sure all your votes count this time, and not getting what you expected from your vote (in 2000), as well as Carter's line, "We cannot lead if our leaders mislead" were memorable. Carter also said, "Manipulation of the truth will define our role in the world." That sort of thing stirs passion in those who believe that lies have been told by our leaders in our name.

Larry King interviewed the Kerry daughters at 9:20, and the panel made up of Bob Dole, George Mitchell, Judy Woodruff, and Bob Woodward was very fair and positive. Howard Dean was interviewed at 9:45, and Dick Gephardt at 9:50. Candy Crowley actually said, "This looks like the last night of the convention with not an empty seat anywhere," although she jabbed Carter for being hard on the unnamed Bush by saying his speech was not "vetted" and excused him because of his age. She also said that Hillary was allowed to "introduce her husband" only after a big "bru-ha-ha." (I guess they just can't resist the bashing, although the democrats are not supposed to do that sort of thing.)

It was obvious at 10:25 when Hillary made her speech that she was doing a lot more than "introducing her husband." Clinton's speech was priceless. He stated, "They need a divided America, but we don't," but his best line was, "Strength and wisdom are not opposing values. They go hand in hand." The man is a master. I heard none of the commentators mention that line when they dissected the speech.

Aaron got the themes down as an appeal to independents and moderate republicans: 1) You did not get what you voted for four years ago. 2)Iraq is a mess. 3) We have no friends in the world. 4)Kerry can lead and get us out of this.

The commentary ended with, "What happens in Iraq is likely to determine the outcome of the election."

Comment: The Anderson Cooper pre-prime time show had the most partisan commentary of the night. Overall, CNN handled four hours fairly well.