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Sell Kerry or Bash Bush

Reported by Eleanor - July 26, 2004 -

On Fox & Friends (July 26, 6:25 a.m.) the question of the day is: "Sell Kerry or Bash Bush" with a call-in telephone number on the screen. Undoubtedly, this will be repeated throughout the day. This appears to be the latest Fox strategy to ensure minimal damage to the republicans from the democratic convention.

Naturally, almost anyone, liberal or conservative, who calls the 800 number will say "Sell Kerry." That makes sense. No one wants a nasty convention. The problem is that if Bush's name is mentioned in terms of his record, it will be termed "Bush bashing" by the republicans. Take a look at his record. See the Kerry-Edwards Fact Sheet, and see Bush's Record.

The lists at these links are not comprehensive of Bush's record, which is much longer, and I can think of a few more items in Bush's record that the republicans would NOT see as bashing, i.e., interest rates have gone down with more home financing, and people have received tax cuts as follows: Taken from Citizens for Tax justice, 2003, Page 3. If Bush gets elected, these tax cuts will be made permanent.

Average Bush Tax Cuts 2001 - 2010 (Cumulative)
Lowest 20% = $91 in 2004 & by 2010 $827
2nd 20% = $460 in 2004 & 2010 = $4,037
3rd 20% = $863 in 2004 & 2010 = $6,516
4th 20% = $1,544 in 2004 & 2010 = $10,453
Next 15%= $3,375 in 2004 & 2010 = $18,244
Next 4% = $7,439 in 2004 & 2010 = $37,618
Top 1% = $59,292 in 2004 & 2010 = $500,723

It's too bad the democrats say the tax cuts are for the "rich" and don't give the details. This is the republican agenda, along with perpetual war. So if "bashing Bush" is the same as citing his record, so be it. Almost anything the democrats can truthfully say about the Bush record is Bush bashing, even tax cuts. Yes, in the interest of being "fair and balanced," I like the interest rate cuts.

New information: In another attempt to be "fair and balanced," I found Bush's "first few formal hints of his plan" coming directly from the man himself. Go to the Washington Post article,
Bush Talks of Peace and Prosperity
. I summarized the following items in the Bush speech for you. Few policy specifics were given.

1. Accountability in high school. (testing?)
2. More available and affordable health care.
3. A more "job friendly" nation by restraining regulation, taxes and lawsuits. (a policy specific)
4. Heavier in business goals than the "compassionate conservatism" of four years ago.
5. "Industry friendly" measures such as an energy policy focused on domestic production (oil in Anwar?) and limits on lawsuits and awards for medical malpractice. (A "policy specific" as to how to achieve more available and affordable health care?)
6. Social Security private accounts, as well as other tax incentives for home savings, retirement and health. (This is necessary if the government goes broke, and it will hasten that likely event with all these tax cuts and credits)

The republican goal seems to be to "privatize" everything; everyone looks out for himself/herself, with no government help; and the role of government is to support business and national defense. What about the concept of pooling our resources through taxes to support the common good?

Anyway, the summary above is what Mr. Bush says, and this is what you're voting for if you vote for Bush, in addition to more of the same. By the way, he "laced the speech with 'barbs' at Kerry and Edwards." Could that be "Kerry bashing?"