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Remember These Terms

Reported by Melanie - July 26, 2004 -

Naturally the Democratic convention was topic number one today on Dayside w/Linda Vester (July 26, 2004). Vester introduced reporter Steve Brown in Boston by saying, "Never has a convention been so locked down in history."

Brown reported that there were "helicopters in the sky" and F-16s in the area. Vester asked whether the convention goers were "wary or in a party mood," to which Brown gave a fairly long winded reply which didn't answer the question, then ending with "if there is really a safe place to be, it's here." Closing out the interview Vester said, thanks, "Steve Brown, live at the armed camp...."

COMMENT: It will be interesting to see whether or not Fox (and the other networks, for that matter) uses the same scary terms, "armed camp," "so locked down," and if it talks about "helicopters in the sky" and "F-16s" when it comes to the Republican convention in New York City. In my opinion, the flavor of Fox's reporting on the security in Boston gives the impression that Democrats are somehow more out of control than Republicans so I'll be interested to see what words are used to portray security issues in NYC.