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Fox News Chairman Rants But Does Not Refute Outfoxed

Reported by Ellen - July 26, 2004 -

Rather than refute any of the allegations of his network's bias and distortions depicted in the movie Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism, Fox News Channel Chairman Roger Ailes changed the subject by complaining about CNN and the use of Fox News clips in the movie. It was a rant without any rebuttal.

In the July 26, 2004 Broadcasting & Cable, Ailes said:

"Next week, we could take a month's worth of video from CNN International and do a documentary 'Why Does CNN hate America?' You wouldn't even have to do the hatchet job Outfoxed was. You damn well could run it without editing. CNN International, Al-Jazeera and BBC are the same in how they report - mostly that America is wrong and bad."

That's a lot of finger-pointing, Mr. Ailes, but you haven't refuted a single moment from Outfoxed's many instances of documented bias.

Ailes then turned self-righteous about the movie's use of Fox News clips:

"Everybody should stand up and say these people don't have the right to take our product anymore. They don't have a right to take a year's worth of Dan Rather or Ted Kppel and edit it any way they want. It puts journalism at risk."

His concern for the integrity of journalism is laughable given that Outfoxed documents numerous violations of journalistic ethics. It does this through leaked Fox memos giving directions on how to cover the news, interviews with ex-Fox employees who received those directions and numerous clips from actual Fox News broadcasts. Ailes has yet to even try to disprove or even defend any of those incidents. Instead he seems to hope that by changing the subject nobody will notice that, by omission, he tacitly admits that the documentary got it right.