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Convention Coverage: Fox Hate-Fest

Reported by Judy - July 26, 2004 -

From start to finish today (July 26), the second hour of Fox and Friends served up a sampling of every stereotype and hot-button phrase that Republican spinmeisters use to bring their followers' blood to a boiling point. Half-truths, innuendo, demonizing – the whole GOP menu for force-feeding propaganda to the electorate was on display.

Steve Doocy started out the hate-fest (8:02 a.m. EDT) with a re-enactment of the Boston Tea Party. Standing on a pier in the Boston harbor, Doocy dipped a tea-bag at the end of a long string into the water. On cue, Brian Kilmeade and E.D. Hill brought up "no taxation without representation" as the motivation for the original Boston Tea Party. All so that Doocy could say that "Tax-achusetts" was the right place to re-enact the event.

And just to show what kind of people attend the Democratic convention, Doocy noted (8:05 a.m. EDT) that "a pro-abortion demonstrator had to be saved by a white supremist." Details, and relevance, missing, of course.

In a discussion of John Kerry's preference that convention speakers avoid attacks on George Bush, Hill brought up the funeral of Democratic Sen. Paul Wellstone of Minnesota. Republicans have falsely claimed the funeral was dominated by politics (only a few minutes of the three-hour event at a memorial the day AFTER the funeral was overly partisan. See Salon.

Hill repeated the GOP spin in making the point that what Kerry is concerned about is "going overboard, bashing, bashing, bashing." Hill's wisdom about what Kerry should give people was "facts." Well, it's a fact that the nation still has a net loss of jobs since Bush was in office.

On to a little demonizing. Brian Kilmeade brought up a news conference at which John Kerry's wife, Teresa, told a reporter to "shove it" after pestering her to explain why she thought some forms of political discussion today are un-American.

Innuendo? For that, Fox and Friends turned to Hatchetman Mike Isikoff from Newsweek (8:14 a.m. EDT) who touted his overblown story that somebody who raised money for a candidate in the race for mayor of Los Angeles gave money to some people to donate to the campaign under their names. The alleged scandal is that some of the same people's names turned up among contributors to John Edwards' former presidential campaign, and when Isikoff told the campaign about it, they returned $44,000 within 12 hours even though there is no proof any impropriety was involved. Doocy told Isikoff, "Good job, investigative newshound."

Would you like some more demonizing with your innuendo? Doocy prompted Isikoff (8:22 a.m. EDT) to reveal that trial lawyers are a large funding base for the Democratic Party and they are the horrible people who sue corporations (which contribute to the Republican Party). Translation: Kerry is bad because John Edwards is his VP and John Edwards: (a) took money from somebody who may have improperly given money to somebody in a campaign which had absolutely nothing to do with John Edwards, and (b) John Edwards is a trial lawyer.

A special Fox trick – questioning a Republican guest without a Democrat – followed (8:25 a.m. EDT), when Hill questioned Rep. Mark Foley, R-Florida, about the presidential race in that state so that he could say, without rebuttal, that there is a long list of reasons why people in Florida don't like Kerry. By the way, the Fox News website incorrectly identified Foley as a Democrat. Guess that makes it fair and balanced. Once they call him a Republican and once they call him a Democrat.

What would demonizing be without a few swipes at Ted Kennedy and the Clintons thrown in? In a segment on a fitness regimen being offered convention delegates, Doocy (8:40 a.m. EDT), said he had tried to get Ted Kennedy to come out of a party with a pastry, but he refused. Funny, Steve. Part of the fitness regimen involved a woman boxer punching a John Kerry look-alike who was holding pads. "Who's playing the role of Hillary Clinton there?" Doocy asked.

This all led up to the piece de resistance – an interview with Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr. Carr started out with Kerry being "roundly booed" at the Red Sox game last night and that the convention was an imposition that is costing the city $50 million or more rather than bringing in dollars. And he closed with his analysis of John Kerry, saying that "JFK stands for Just for Kerry." He called Kerry "the most successful gigolo in America" and that he did little while a senator except chase rich women. Doocy's comment? "Great!"

In case you're wondering, The Boston Herald was owned by Rupert Murdoch from 1982 to 1994, when News Corp. sold it to one of its executives, Patrick Purcell, so that Murdoch could own a Boston television station. Leave it to Fox to keep it all in the family.