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Colmes Cuts Clintons Convention Coverage

Reported by Ellen - July 26, 2004 -

You could almost see the gang at Fox News Live with Alan Colmes (a radio show) fidgeting with impatience during the Democratic convention.

First they cut away from Hillary Clinton's speech for commercials. Then Alan Colmes seemed positively chagrined to find her still speaking when he returned to the air.

When Hillary ended her speech with the introduction of former President Bill Clinton, Colmes said, "He'll probably talk almost as long as she did."

Bill Clinton spoke only a few minutes before Colmes cut away from him, gave a few comments about the Democrats staying on message, and announced that it was time to take viewer calls on Clinton's speech, long before it had ended. How were the listeners supposed to discuss it, if they couldn't hear it?

I went to the TV to watch the rest of Clinton's speech. It was stirring and humorous and persuasive - vintage Clinton. The crowd loved it, even the TV pundits at MSNBC admired it. But Alan Colmes, Fox's " liberal, didn't seem to mind a bit that his listeners missed most of the speech.