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Al Gore's Speech

Reported by Deborah - July 26, 2004 -

Unless you were watching C-SPAN, PBS, or CNN, you did not see Al Gore's speech in front of the Democratic Convention. It was a memorable moment for all Democrats, yet it was not aired on the networks. In fact, the networks did not cover the first three hours of the convention at all.

The reception that Al Gore recieved was overwhelming. Al Gore was warm, funny, kind, optimistic and still he was direct, honest and extremely powerful.
He managed to say all the things that Democrats have been feeling these past four years and he did it without bitterness or anger.

The fact that the American people could not see this speech is a tragedy and a national disgrace. All the people without cable will never hear his important message because it will be reduced to out of context soundbites and partisan attacks. For the record, Al Gore did not rant, scream screech or bash Republicans, and everyone had the right to hear him tonight 7/26/04 8PM