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George McGovern and the Liberal Tradition

Reported by Deborah - July 25, 2004 -

Alan Colmes and George McGovern discussed the great American tradition of liberalism, 7/23/04 9:45 PM, and since it was pre recorded, there were no angry attacks from Hannity to distort McGovern's inspirational message.

McGovern reminded us that every federal program that makes our country great started with a liberal idea such as Social Security, Medicare, the Peace Corp, and Head Start to name a few. All of these programs, were initially rejected by the conservative wing of our government, but once these programs proved to be so valuable, the critics changed their minds. McGovern sighted an example of George Bush Sr's rejection of medicare because he claimed, it was socialism, and would ruin or country but in time he changed his mind. McGovern then added how important it is for leaders to change their minds freely because change means growth.

McGovern believes that Liberalism is the force that has moved our country to change and people should be proud of the label. When Colmes asked him if he thought the Kerry/Edwards ticket was too liberal, he replied, "It's not liberal enough." explaining that if their voting records had not been distorted, the ticket would be considered more moderate.

comment: While reflecting on the luxury of actually hearing George McGovern speak without interruption, I realized that Fox viewers probably have no idea what "liberal" really means in a political sense. On Fox, liberals are bomb throwers, bush haters, extremists, wacko,unamerican, weak, abortion loving murders,without values, angry screechers, coreless,anti-family, anti faith, pro hitler,pro terrorist, Saddam lovers, unpatriotic and we "bow at the alter of the UN."Hannity has written a book about our evil ways and there is no doubt, that on Fox, liberals are the enemy.

I am none of those things and neither are my liberal friends and relatives.Yet, for too long, liberals have tolerated this irrational name calling. Even on this blog
we have permitted these attacks in the comments because we believe so strongly in our constitution's promise of free speech. Those rights are for all Americans and now Democrats, during this Convention week, must claim their right to speak and be heard.