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Where's the Real News?

Reported by Eleanor - July 23, 2004 -

On Dayside w/Mike Jarrett (July 23, 1:00 - 2:00 p.m.) the news was mostly fluff - the missing Utah girl; the USS Ronald Reagan in San Diego; Bush in Detroit (democrats have taken African Americans for granted); docs in socs (interrupted by the story about the Utah girl - again); 115 degrees in Baghdad; an Iraq National Guardsman came home and won the lottery (He was asked if he goes back to Iraq and dies will his family get the money); Utah girl again; 3 million gallons of jet fuel stolen in Miami, and a blackmailer tells the boss; Tour de Lance; and "e-Stupid" who tries to sell a stolen bike on e-Bay with the picture from the store which the store and bike owner spotted.

According to Fox polls, Bush and Kerry are tied 44%-44%. With Nader added, Bush 43%, Kerry 42%, Nader 4%. Women like Kerry and men like Bush. Bush's approval rating is still below 50%. Kerry flip-flops more than Bush, both would do anything to get elected, and Bush is the guy people would like to "hang out with."

Comment: A very enlightening hour, I must say. At times like this, I'm tempted to let you watch Fox yourself, rather than watching it so you don't have to.