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They're All Letting Us Down

Reported by Eleanor - July 23, 2004 -

Fox & Friends (July 23, 7:05 a.m.) continued their discussion of the 9/11 Report with an interview of John Lehman, 9/11 Commission Chairman. Lehman reiterated the finding of "no evidence of a collaborative operational relationship between Sadam and Al Qaeda, and the facts speak for themselves." The next finding under discussion was that both Clinton and Bush had a daily briefing about the hijacking of airplanes that created no "sense of urgency."

Lehman stated that "the intelligence didn't provide an operational context. An actional flow of good intelligence was missing. We need to totally restructure the intelligence community."

Comment: The intent of this interview appeared to be two fold: 1) To equalize the blame for the two administrations. 2) To place blame on the Intelligence community.

The media and our politicians let us down again by not asking the important questions. My question, and I suspect the question of the American people, is about the USE of the "non-actional" intelligence. We hear that the investigation of this issue will not be complete until after the election. How convenient!!

None of the commentary gets at the most important issue: If we accept the fact that our intelligence is and was flawed and not actional then: Why was the available intelligence UNDER USED or ignored prior to 9/11, and OVER USED and hyped to take us into a disastrous, unnecessary war in Iraq? Until those questions are asked and answered satisfactorily, everything we're hearing is nothing but, "I'll cover your ass if you'll cover mine," while people are dying in Iraq.

Bi-partisanship seems to mean they're all guilty, but some must be guiltier than others, or the use of the Intelligence would be available now instead of after the election. A scroll at the bottom of the screen during this exchange said that Clinton had "4 opportunities missed" and Bush had "6 opportunities missed." If that's true, the next thing a democrat would do is compare 8 years to 8 months. No one seems to have the most critical detail about how information was used or not used, but there seems to be plenty of blame to go around, while we, the people, pay hundreds of billions of dollars a year to support this kind of ignorance and apathy, and we're still not safe.