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The Outfoxed Effect

Reported by Chrish - July 23, 2004 -

Could it be that the folks in Studio B are taking Outfoxed to heart? There's been precious little Republican cheerleading the last two days (July 22 and 23), and yesterday (7/22) Shepard Smith actually overtalked Rep. Vito Fossella (R! - NY) (3:15 EDT) and made him get back on topic and answer a question about the 9/11 commission's findings. And THEN...

...then Shepard Smith said "More analysis coming up", I kid you not.

Comment: I always suspected he was more professional than he was letting on. Hats off to objective interviewing.

Today (7/23, 3:14EDT) Shep introduced Campaign Carl in Denver with the Kerry campaign. Carl was reasonable and factual about Kerry's goal of re-introducing himself to Americans as he travels cross-country to the Democratic National Convention in Boston next week.
He emphasized that Kerry was going to have to work to connect with average folks in light of his life of wealth and privelege, and Shepard Smith closed it with "there's a lot of that on both, in both parties." Carl said "Yes there is."

Comment: This is the first acknowledgement I've seen, vague though it was, that Bush is also a member of the same uber-wealthy class as Kerry. At least for this piece they gave up the facade that Kerry is a rich elitist and Bush is a down-home good ol' boy.

Robert Greenwald and company can be very proud of effecting positive change in the media, however slight, in this critical election season. Let's hope it continues and is not just a crumb tossed to the media monitors.