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Slip of the Tongue?

Reported by Judy - July 23, 2004 -

The folks at Fox News just can't stop inserting partisan judgments into their news accounts. Bob Sellars did it again today (July 23) on Fox News Live.

Sellars was reporting (9:30 a.m. EDT) on George Bush's upcoming speech to the National Urban League in Detroit. Sellars noted that Bush already had turned down the chance to speak at another large African-American organization, the NAACP. The reason, Sellars said, was that in 2000 the NAACP "ran an ad that was 'over the top' in attacking the president."

Bush, of course, wasn't president in 2000, but never mind that. Sellars never bothered to attribute the "over the top" characterization of the ad to anyone, not even the ever present but never identified "some" people who "say" such things to Fox news personnel. Sellars just blatantly expressed his own opinion in the middle of one of those "fair and balanced" Fox News programs.