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Missing Women

Reported by Judy - July 23, 2004 -

Any regular Fox viewer knows how obsessed the network (and all the other cable news channels) are with the Laci Peterson case. But for Fox, the obsession extends to all cases where a young, white female turns up missing.

The latest missing person is Lori Hacking of Salt Lake City. Bob Sellars on Fox News Live today (July 23) hyped the story at least six times during an hour (9 a.m., 9:36 a.m., 9:38 a.m., 9:47 a.m., 9:51 a.m., and 9:55 a.m.) despite the fact that there was little new information.

Expect to see this continue in coming days whether there are any new developments are not. Fox News loves stories that instill fear in viewers. Many of its daytime viewers may be young white women and Fox finds missing women stories perfect for preying on their fears.

It's so sad that Fox has to repeatedly return to what is essentially a local story, instead of focusing on important issues that affect everyone -- like the 9/11 commission report.