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Leopard Not Changing ALL its Spots

Reported by Judy - July 23, 2004 -

Despite the more professional approach Fox and Friends took today (July 23) to the 9/11 Commission report, the show's co-host could not get rid of all their blatantly partisan ways.

In an interview with Gary Kaltbaum, a Fox News economic pundit, co-host Steve Doocy (8:46 a.m. EDT) trotted out the favorite topic of Fox business shows: How will the market react if John Kerry is elected? Kaltbaum replied that the market has done well under Democrats as well as Republicans, but the market "could get hit to some extent" if Kerry is elected because he might roll back some Bush policies. (Read: tax cuts for the super-rich.)

You would think Fox viewers would be getting tired of this question, which is posed on Fox News at least once a week. The segments never have any news value -- the interviewee inevitably answers the market will go down if Kerry is elected, but has no evidence to back up that assertion. It merely serves as a brief interlude of pure partisan spin attacking Kerry.