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Cal Thomas Gets His Own Interview Wrong

Reported by Ellen - July 23, 2004 -

You might think that Cal Thomas would have been able to get the facts straight about his own interview with Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld last Saturday, July 17, at 11 pm EDT. But in his Wednesday column on July 21, Thomas misreported a key part of what Rumsfeld actually said on the show. The result is unintentionally hilarious.

Thomas' column begins by saying that "Rumsfeld says there is 'no question' the declaration presented by the United States to the United Nations justifying war against Iraq 'was flawed, was inaccurate, was false,' but nonetheless President Bush 'made the right decision.'"

Say what?

Well, perhaps Rumsfeld should have said that but in actuality he said no such thing. What he really said was, "There is no question but that the declaration that was submitted to the United Nations BY SADDAM HUSSEIN (my emphasis) was flawed, was inaccurate, was false." Rumsfeld said later in the interview, "The questions on the weapons of mass destruction is an interesting one. We know that the declaration was false, but a great many people had been rushing around trying to prove a negative and the conventional wisdom has concluded that that negative has been proved. That is to say that there were not stocks of weapons of mass destruction. I think it's hard to conclude that. We keep finding there are things we didn't know. We may very well find, as we go forward, that there are things we don't know today."

That's quite a mistake for Thomas to have made, especially by such an unabashed Bush-supporting hawk.