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Nobody to Blame

Reported by Judy - July 22, 2004 -

The impending release of the report of the 9/11 commission today (July 22) had Fox and Friends co-hosts in a tizzy, but you could almost sense their relief when they heard that the report does not blame George Bush for failing to prevent the attacks.

Based on comments from people who were briefed on the report yesterday, E.D. Hill said (8:10 a.m. EDT), the panel concluded that both Bush and Clinton took al Qaeda seriously. Co-host Steve Doocy noted that the commissioners "don't blame either party, which is important for their credibility."

Huh? It was a bi-partisan committee. A finding by a majority of a panel split equally between Democrats and Republicans would have had tremendous credibility because of how difficult it is to get people to criticize their own party.

Furthermore, the report does criticize congressional oversight of intelligence, and the last time I checked both houses of Congress were solidly in Republican hands -- and have been -- with the votes to pass any legislation they think is necessary and a Republican president who can sign it. The ruling party does have the responsibility to govern.

Fox can spin it all it wants, but it's track record is pretty poor. I'll wait to read the report before I swallow their line.

Fox and Friends also interviewed Sen. James Inhofe, R-Oklahoma, about the report (8:17 a.m. EDT). He dissed the idea of having a national intelligence director and said Congress can do just as good a job as a director. Never mind that they haven't so far.