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Coverage of Kerry in Detroit

Reported by Eleanor - July 22, 2004 -

On July 22, at 10:55 a.m. Kerry was speaking at the Urban League in Detroit. Fox covered the speech for a few minutes until Kerry said, "Don't tell me this is the best we can do. We can change America and make it better."

Fox stopped covering Kerry at this point and went to a commercial followed by a "suspicious package in Fulton County, GA;" Bush talking about the 9/11 Commission report; and a spot on convention plans. The Fox viewers don't know what they missed.

Kerry continued on CNN for 17 minutes as he talked about "two Americas" with the gap growing wider. He continued, "Our job between now and November is to end the division and come together and start to build one America. Stop outsourcing of jobs, improve health care, stop poverty as well as underpaid teachers, overcrowded schools, no money for college tuitions."

Kerry proceeded at this point to quote a Bible verse, "Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." He said, "My heart is with the middle class who built this country. That's where we need to put our treasure. All of you deserve a president who believes this. He continued with, "For four years we have heard talk about values." He then continued talking about his values related to bringing the country together.

Kerry asked people to look at his 20 year record as a legislator. His values are more than words on a page. What matters most are not values that politicians use to divide us, but shared values that bring us together as a nation. "I have voted for and fought for these values for 20 years." He then talked about his support for small business and national security. "Values mean helping all Americans fulfill the dream of home ownership which has gone up as a whole, but progress for hard pressed Americans has been cut. Section 8 vouchers for housing assistance have been cut, and Hope 6 distressed housing entirely eliminated."

"During the Clinton years, middle class incomes went up $7,100. During the last four years, middle-class incomes have gone down $1,600, with health care costs up 50%. I want to cut middle class taxes so incomes go up. The wealthy enjoy tax cuts but don't need them. Three million jobs have been lost and new jobs pay $9,000 less. I want to export products, not jobs. We will stop giving subsidies to companies that take jobs overseas, close those tax loopholes, and reward companies that create jobs in the U.S."

As he continued to discuss underfunding of the No Child Left Behind Program by $27 billion dollars, and the values of caring for children, CNN cut off at 11:12 saying that tomorrow Bush will present his plan live on CNN.

Comment: Look at how much good information the Fox viewers missed!! I'd be willing to bet they don't miss Bush's plan tomorrow - they'll see every minute of it.